My NYC Apartment! [Before & After]

This weekend my boyfriend, Ebb and I conquered the impossible task of arranging  furniture nicely in a small NYC apartment.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

The first thing we did was tackle the entryway. Before, it was really cramped going in and out of the house and the bench made it impossible to open the front door fully.

We moved the bench, donated a lot of shoes, put away our winter jackets then found a better solution for our recycling situation. There’s still a bit of unsorted clutter in the shelf area above, which we’ll get to eventually.

Previously it felt like my desk was in a walk way… because it totally was. We moved my desk into ‘Ebb’s Office’ meant that we had to reorganize the entire room and declutter.

In Ebb’s office, the space wasn’t being used to it’s fullest potential. He needed more vertical space and to get rid of unnecessary furniture. He also hated the Ikea carpet because it made rolling around on his office chair super difficult. We got rid of that, a lounge chair, a small table and a lot of papers.

To fix our storage issue, we decided to buy new shelving units. Our neighborhood has a discussion board where you can buy and sell things through Facebook. Ebb found a black steel shelving unit for me for only $20. He bought his silver shelving unit for $100 at ACE. We both still need to organize this space a little better, but we’re making definite progress.

In all, this entire redecorating process only costed $50 for me and $100 for Ebb, not including the money we made back from donating shoes and coats to Buffalo Exchange. I still need to upgrade my sitting situation and we both need to invest in some baskets or something but I feel really happy that we found such an effective way to use our space!

I already feel more productive. #OurOffice ❤︎

2 thoughts on “My NYC Apartment! [Before & After]

  1. That’s why bruthee only owns thee pairs of shoes and donated his possessions to Margaret. Ha
    Cool blog Chubbs.❤️

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