Things I Learned as a YouTuber

Starting my YouTube channel has been such a learning process for the past year. Since my interview with i-D, it’s been really rewarding to see the first few tangible results from all of my work. 

It was kind of weird for the first 3-5 months of making videos because it felt that I was just talking into a void. I didn’t even have a hundred subscribers and I didn’t want my friends or family to watch my videos. 

I stopped uploading videos a few times because of one reason or another, but I never stopped the learning process for creating a little brand for myself. 

Over the past year I learned how to…

  • Edit videos first with iMovie then Final Cut and now Premiere.
  • Be comfortable in front of a camera (vlogging helps)
  • Make intros, outros, title cards, lower thirds etc. on After Effects
  • Make a Logo on Illustrator (Animating my logo took 3 days!!)
  • Properly set up my camera and lighting situation so that’s actually flattering (working on it…)
  • Network online 
  • Write a script
  • Monetize my videos
  • Create a business email
  • Write blog posts
  • Make a WordPress website
  • Make a content calendar
  • Make a branding guide
  • Make sense of analytics
  • Make content people could actually benefit from

And there still so much to learn! And I don’t even know if I even listed half of the things I learned this year.

I think it’s important to say that even though I’m in college, I didn’t learn any of this through pursuing a formal degree. Nothing against college degrees, I just hope this illustrates just how much you can learn online for free!

My best advice to someone who wants to start making online content is to limit the amount of time you spend consuming other people’s content and start learning how to make your own ❤️😊

Do you have a YouTube channel? Share it in a comment down below!

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