What is cultural patrimony?

In the art world, the patrimony of a work of art refers to ownership.

Like other words beginning with the prefix Patri- such as patriarchy, patricide and patrilineal; this word has it’s roots in the latin word for father, pater. #ofcourse #overit

Cultural patrimony refers to items that hold significance to a culture at large.

Often times, these items collectively belong to the culture or nation, and do not belong to individuals or groups.

The most identifiable item of cultural patrimony in the United States is the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

The Department of the Interior is entrusted with the upkeep of this and other items/places so that the conditions to view it are enjoyable and safe for future generations.

I was going to suggest that we try calling it cultural matrimony, but that sounds kind of weird so I guess I’m okay with calling it patrimony. 🙂


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