NYFW Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

The Fashion Institute of Technology, where I go to school, is such a great place to be during Fashion Week. Everyone who wants a career in the fashion industry is trying to get their foot into the door. Often times they work unpaid volunteer positions as a runner, dresser, greeter or assistant. It’s such a great environment to be apart of!
I did it once, but the environment doesn’t really pair well with my personality. But nonetheless, working for free just shows how committed everyone is to their vision. 
Of the shows that have already happened, I loved Alexander Wang’s new collection the most. His style is edgy, tight fitting, and generally monochromatic, I adore it. Here are a few looks which I thought translate into street wear OOTD. 
Suggested: NYFW Website

Weekly Goal

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More and more, I’m starting to consider myself an introvert so this week is going to be a little tough.
First there’s Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I are planning to watch John Wick 2 in the evening. Then my 21st birthday; I really didn’t want to do anything major but I will be going to a nice dinner with friends.
Then the Native Fashion Now exhibition at NMAI! I’m really excited to go to the event. I actually borrowed a turquoise squash blossom from my mom to wear. I was so proud to see that the Native Fashion Now Exhibition was featured in Art Net’s Fashion Week Art Guide. After that, I’m co-hosting a Navajo/Mongolian dinner which is actually one of my favorite things to do.
My goal is to make it to just be on time to all these events. Wish me luck, I’ll share some photos from this week on my instagram and in a post on Friday.
Suggested: ArtNet’s Fashion Week Art Guide


I feel drained so easily when I’m around a lot of people. There was actually a deleted scene from my ‘Women’s March in Washington DC‘ video where I talked about feeling exhausted from all the people were at the event. I didn’t feel like it was relevant to the video so I cut it before I posted it.
I’m focusing my mindset this week to indulge my hunger. Not like food hunger, but my hunger for success. This week is incredibly important to me. I’ll be meeting quite a few people who may be able to help me establish better representation for Native American artists.
I talked about this goal in my winter update. I’m taking some notes from the girls at FIT and putting aside all fears and anxieties to go for it with all I’ve got! If I learned anything from the Women’s March, it’s that we are in a generation of very talented and driven women.

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