2 Things I’ve Learned about Love

Be Understanding

Weather or not you’re consciously aware of it, your values guide your thinking. Being in a ‘bubble’ or in a ‘echo chamber’ has come up quite a bit in this election. This means that the people you keep close to you tend to reflect your beliefs, which we can use as a tool. It’s more likely that a relationship will work out if two people can find common ground in the things they find most important.

In a city like New York, where everyone is from very diverse backgrounds, it’s also importance to recognize where the differences in thought comes from. You can approach arguments/conversation being mindful of that to better understand why it’s important to your partner.


Never Compare Your Relationship To Anyone Else’s


Honestly, what should a spark feel like? What if it isn’t love at first sight? Is it not okay to feel unsure? It can feel pretty empowering to know that you’re the only one who can answer theses questions, but also overwhelming at times. Love is so personal and each story is unique, try to embrace all the experiences you have!

We’ve all had friends who have been in relationships that we’ve felt weren’t going to end well. As sad as it is to see them dedicating time to a person who doesn’t seem to deserve it, the only person who has any control in the situation is themselves.

And who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised to find out that they become very happy together. Always try to empower and be supportive one another’s relationships.


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