How a Minimalist Gets Things Done!

Food Inspiration


Getting back into the health grind after the holidays can be tough. My boyfriend and I have been eating out more than last year so yesterday we made a promise to cook more meals from home, like we used to. For the past few weeks we’ve been trying out some recipes from the Minimalist Baker’s cookbook and so far, so good! I usually get my recipes from Pinterest but you can never be sure if they’re actually going to taste good or not.

Sometimes guys are stereotyped as being “useless” in the kitchen but I actually love cooking with him, despite any differences in skill level. I really like to cook and it means a lot to me that he offers to share the work. He’s way better and faster at cutting vegetables than I am so the meal gets finished way quicker. When he doesn’t help in the preparation of the food, he always makes sure to do the dishes (…eventually haha!)

Suggested: My Mom’s Fluffy Frybread Recipe! An recipe video by yours truly 

Weekly Goal

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When do you start to call yourself a “writer” or a “blogger”? I’ve heard people talk about this weird thing in movies and TV shows but since starting this blog, I’m actually feeling it. It’s kinda cool! I feel like I joined a club or something haha.

You might be able to relate, maybe not, but I love writing essays. Even if I thought the subject was completely stupid or boring, there’s something so therapeutic about writing, editing and formatting.

This week, I want to focus more on my writing. Spending a bit more time to fully explore my thoughts will definitely help me provide you all with something useful and entertaining. I’m determining what to write about based off of the engagement on each post so far but if you have anything in particular you’d like me to write about, send me an email!

That being said, I have to thank you all for supporting my little blog! Everyone’s feedback has been so supportive and encouraging. From the bottom of my creepy little alien soul, thank you!

Suggested: The “Writing” episode from the Minimalists Podcast by Joshua Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus (I’m high key obsessed with them lol)


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More doing, less preparing. I’ve spent so long thinking and scheming about my future, who I want to be, what I want to do and where I want to go. Maybe too much time?

Freshman year was all about “YAY New York is so fun!”

Sophomore year was like “WOW it’s actually really expensive & draining to live here!”

Junior year has been all “OMG I should just drop out so I can work and afford what I want already!”

Finally, I’ve just resigned to faking it until I make it. I’m so tired of scheming when all I want to do is live my best life with a glass of prossecco and some exotic cats in my eco-friendly jet that I bought with my own money. Haha jokes aside, I do have some well defined goals and an extremely detailed plans on how to execute them. Hopefully people will start to cash me ousside. Like… with money. How bah dah?

Suggested: Ideal Life Costing by Tim Ferriss from the Four Hour Work Week. 


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