My Favorite Vegan Foodies

One of the most valuable ways veganism has changed my life is the fact that I actually like to cook now! #GirlWin
Incorporating vegan recipes into a minimalist lifestyle really makes sense. Simple ingredients that do the least amount of harm to the environment and a great deal of good for your health? Hell yeah!



I didn’t feel completely comfortable eating store bought food because it’s hard to know if anything is truely vegan. So I embraced making more meals at home, even though I wasn’t very good at it.
I really started to get the hang of it after I found a few awesome Bloggers and Youtubers that I’d like to share with you now!

Minimalist Baker

When my internship with the awesome minimalist boutique IMBY was over, my boss gave me the Minimalist Baker cookbook as a parting gift. Honestly, one of the most thoughtful things ever. I absolutely adore the simplicity of her recipes and she takes into account into a wide veriety of dietary restrictions, not just veganism. The photos on this blog post are of a Bruchetta recipe I tried from her book! I highly recommend it.

Vegan Zombie

If traditional female-oriented cooking shows isn’t your thing, the Vegan Zombie is perfect for you. It’s a really cute concept. Two guys are left alone in the apocalypse, the zombies are coming but they gotta eat!


Vegan Corner

I feel like the Vegan Corner takes a lot of time to perfect their recipes before they share them. If you’re having a craving for something non-vegan, they’re your best bet to find a recipe with simple substitutions.

Jenny Mustard

She’s a Swedish minimalist known for her bad ass style and even more unique dishes. She shares her knowledge on YouTube and in her cookbook.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for me to check out! 

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