Women’s March in Washington D.C.

I went to the Women’s March on Washington today to help move the conversation to include more rights for women, not less. It moved me to witness the power of love and unity in a time of so much division and hate. 

Today’s massive turn out proved that misogynistic and racist rhetoric meant to beat us down, only brings us closer together. 

People came from all across the nation. 

Los Angeles, New York City, Philidelphia, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Austin and so many other cities hosted sister marches. 

Internationally, this was also the case in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France and Japan among many others


Our bodies are not up for grabs.

These protests were also organized in direct protest of the newly appointed President Trump. He has promised to reverse Roe v. Wade and defund Planned Paranthood, effectively leaving women across the nation with little to no options when seeking safe and legal options for their reproductive choices.

Having a period is not a luxury, so why is it taxed like one?

The Tampon Tax: Sanitary items are taxed as a luxury item in America, despite the fact that they are a necessity for most women. 

The Pink Tax: Products marketed to be primarily for the use of women and girls are priced higher than that of their male equivalents. 

Please consider donating to Planned Parenthood to ensure that women across America can afford to make reproductive decisions in a safe and healthy environment. 

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