5 Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Brands To Find Your Personal Style

Starting a capsule wardrobe can be tough, I know from personal experience. You become your own personal stylist in a way that can be really liberating but at the same time totally overwhelming. You’ve started on your minimalist journey so young and full of hope: happily eliminating things you don’t wear, gently parting ways with the clothes you hoped you’d wear but never did. Then, there’s the actual ‘living with my choices’ phase in which many people get discourage and dismiss the whole concept of minimalism as “too restrictive” and revert back to their fast-fashion ways. Not us, yo.

Each garment ‘sparks joy’ but… what if you’re missing key pieces to elevate the look? Or worse, like me, you realize you actually have no idea what your personal style even is?! In the words of the wise sage Ye, “Admittin is da first step.” Take a look at these five little collections I’ve curated around specific brands to help with your inspiration. If you identify with one in particular, go to their website (or better yet their physical location) and feed your eyes. Study the fit, the materials and the quality then make mental notes of what you feel your best in. 

Victoria Beckham 

|| For the ‘On Trend’ Minimalist

These pieces would work perfectly in the capsule wardrobe of an on-the-go #ladyboss. In true minimalist style, the best part is the versatility: dress up for drinks with curls, red lipstick, and a (vegan) leather jacket or hit the streets with Stan Smiths, a baseball cap and sweatshirt tied around your waist for added comfort.

Acne Studios

|| For the eye-catching Minimalist

Acne studios takes innovative patterns and designs to a whole new level so their garments are for true taste makers. I can see these outfits being worn at a gallery opening styled with a top knot, kitten heels and huge Iris Aphel glasses. You’d probably get your picture taken for a street style blog or be mistaken for the artist.


|| For the elegant Minimalist

When I look at these, I can totally see Morticia saying, “Black is such a happy color”.  I really love Gucci for their artsy promo videos, so even though it wasn’t an easy task to sift through the decadence, I saw these fitting perfectly in the capsule wardrobe of my dreams. Paired simply with a sleek low pony tail and statement heels- I don’t see the need to accessorize too heavily with Gucci.


|| For the modern Minimalist

Theory sort of takes trends, then reimagines them 2 years in the future, then tones them down until they become a chic staple and what comes from that is something that you’d be able to wear to your local art/fashion event. These pieces would actually look great on all body shapes, especially when paired with slip on loafers and a thin white turtle neck underneath.


||For the sporty Minimalist

You know those days when you force yourself to go do something but you don’t actually have any energy to get dressed up (let alone do laundry or actual sports)? Me. On those sad…  unfair days where you’re in between some slacks and a hard space: embrace glammed up atheisure 🙌. Mix textures, materials and fabric weights & always balance tight and casual fiting pieces. You’ll never go wrong.

My personal style is a mixture of all 5 of these. I started off as a primarily sporty minimalist then branched out into the other 4 categories over time. I’m a college student so, of course, I can’t actually afford any of these brands. So when I shop, I try to find “dupes” at other ethical retailers. Starting with high-end brand inspirations has helped me recognize elements of design and quality while avoiding really time-sensitive trends. Let me know if you found any of my tips to be helpful! 

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